Framework can be used by GP Federations

Local Primary Care used the Health and Wellbeing Framework to add to our wellbeing strategy

What we’ve done

Who we are

Local Primary Care is a Federation for General Practices within Blackburn with Darwen in the North West. We support more than 20 practices and have over 100 staff.

What we did

We used the Health and Wellbeing Framework to review our current wellbeing initiatives and update our strategy to fill any gaps. The Framework allowed us to assess what was needed in a constructive and manageable way.

As the Framework’s diagnostic tool is quite extensive, we selected a few areas that were most relevant to us rather than things we knew we were already doing well, or which did not apply as much. We needed to adapt some of the language and approach to fit a GP Federation.

One wellbeing lead reviewed the diagnostic tool and cross-checked it against our wellbeing strategic plan. We will review the tool again as things change.

We would advise other organisations to work through the tool in sections, such as doing one section per week or fortnight. We also suggest talking to other organisations using the tool for mutual support.

As a result of using the Framework, we identified the need to raise awareness of the offers available. We have invested in a health and wellbeing benefits online platform to signpost people to available support as well as putting together a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Team to continue this work.