Workshops help engage teams in workforce wellbeing

Isle of Wight NHS Trust is running workshops with representatives from each division to celebrate successes and plan new wellbeing initiatives

What we’ve done

Who we are

Isle of Wight NHS Trust is the only integrated acute, community, mental health and ambulance healthcare provider in England. We have around 3,300 staff and provide care to an isolated offshore population of 140,000.

What we did

We are using the Health and Wellbeing Framework’s diagnostic tool to focus our energies around workforce wellbeing. We are a unique and varied organisation so it would not work well to have a few people trying to complete the tool on behalf of all teams. Instead, we are using a planning workshop for each of our divisions. The diagnostic tool covers a wide range of areas so needs to be co-owned across the organisation.

We are using six in-person workshops to thank staff for all that they have been doing and to engage them in conversations around wellbeing. This is a way of demonstrating that we value team members, as well as involving them in planning ongoing initiatives.

We invited 12-16 people from each division to attend their division’s workshop, including wellbeing champions and lower, middle and senior banded staff. We allowed ourselves enough lead-in time to plan the events and give participants warning so we got the right people in the room.

The workshops are running from 10am to 3pm. In the first part of the workshops we are reviewing the latest staff survey results and celebrating our achievements so far. In the second of the workshops we are going through the diagnostic tool. Each division will RAG-rate the elements and develop an action plan. The participants will then act as an ongoing action group to implement the plan in their division after the workshop.