Chemotherapy dose banding

National dose banding tables

The chemotherapy dose standardisation initiative has been developed by NHS England’s Medicine Optimisation and Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Groups. NHS England is supporting the standardisation of chemotherapy doses which will deliver benefits for patients, hospital trusts and achieve improved value from our investment in chemotherapy services.

Historically when patients received chemotherapy intravenously their dose would be based on a combination of their height and weight and would mean that pharmacies would waste any medicine left over from vials containing fixed doses. A number of hospitals have already moved to a system of dose banding where a range of doses are delivered to closely match to vial size. This means there is reduced waste and as these doses tend to be ready made it also reduces the waiting time for patients within the chemotherapy unit.

The national dose banding tables are to be used by hospital trust pharmacy teams to ensure a standard approach to dose banding of chemotherapy across all hospital trusts. The initiative is initially focussed on 19 commonly used drugs. This will help the NHS achieve improved value through the ability to purchase standard off the shelf products.