Specialised paediatric renal services

Specialised paediatric renal services is a Lead and Inform CRG that provide care for a range of conditions, from managing the complications of common conditions to rare diseases requiring specialist expertise. These services also provide specialist diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including dialysis and, in some instances, transplantation.


This Clinical Reference Group (CRG) covers:

  • services for children and young people with complications of common conditions
  • services for children and young people with renal conditions requiring specialist input
  • services for children and young people who need specialist diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (including dialysis and transplant)


Chair: Daljit Hothi, National Specialty Adviser (NSA) for Specialised Paediatric Renal Services

  • Roy Connell, Clinical Member
  • Caroline Jones, Clinical Member
  • Jan Dudley, Affiliate Member, BAPN president
  • Hannah Cottis, Affiliate Member, BAPN SPIN
  • Ashish Patel, Affiliate Member, BAPN/CSAC Nephrology
  • Zainab Arslan, Affiliate Member, Networks
  • Heather Weaver/Tracey Williams, Medicines Optimisation
  • Jacqui Lindo, Public Health Lead
  • Katie Jones, Lead Commissioner


A key part of the CRG’s work is the delivery of the ‘products’ of commissioning. These are the tools used by the 10 Hub Commissioning Teams to contract services on an annual basis.

Service specifications

Service specifications are important in clearly defining the standards of care expected from organisations funded by NHS England to provide specialised care. The specifications have been developed by specialised clinicians, commissioners, expert patients and public health representatives to describe both core and developmental service standards. Core standards are those that all funded providers should be able to demonstrate, with developmental standards being those which may require further changes in practice over time to provide excellence in the field.

The following service specifications fall within the scope of this CRG:



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For any questions or queries relating to the work of the specialised paediatric renal services CRG or its NPOC, please contact: england.npoc-womenandchildren@nhs.net