Online classes help chef to stay active

Tariq KhanTariq Khan is a 35-year-old chef from Birmingham. Tariq started the Healthier You programme in November 2019 after a blood test revealed that he was at high risk of Type 2 diabetes. For the last few months, due to social distancing restrictions, Tariq has been attending sessions online, he said:

“Life as a chef can be really hectic. I also had a sweet tooth which meant that I was eating unhealthily and often very late.

“The programme has enabled me to get control of my health by making small changes to my lifestyle. I’ve learnt so much about how my body works and how the choices I make can affect it. I’ve cut a lot of fried food and sweet treats from my diet as well as having smaller portions.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the Healthier You classes are still continuing through video calls. The online classes have been great because they have helped to keep me motivated through this time – when it could have been tempting to go back to old ways with being at home a lot. I’ve been staying active using an exercise bike as well as walking and doing the exercises shared in the classes which are helping me to burn calories at home.”

Tariq has lost 6kg on the Healthier You programme so far and is determined to keep going and spread the word:

“I haven’t missed a class and I know that what I’ve learnt will stay with me forever. Losing 6kg is such a big achievement for me and I feel fresher and lighter. I’m sharing what I’ve learned with my family and my work colleagues to encourage them to be healthier too. I couldn’t recommend the programme enough!”

Type 2 diabetes is a potentially serious health condition. Find out if you are at high risk of developing the condition so that you can do something about it with support from your free local Healthier You service. You can do this at – it’s free and only takes a few minutes.