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When do you expect communications and materials to follow the new NHS Identity guidelines?

One of the key principles of the new NHS Identity guidelines is ‘The use of the NHS Identity must always provide the best value for tax payers’ money.

Therefore, implementation of the updated NHS Identity guidelines should be gradual. There is no need to go back and change existing offline materials. You should continue to use them until they need to be replenished or replaced to ensure there is no waste However, existing digital channels, such as websites and social media accounts, are usually easier and quicker to change, so can be updated as soon as is practical.

When you produce new communications and materials, these would carry your new format logo and follow the updated NHS Identity guidelines.

We recognise that this will mean the old and new formats of NHS organisational logos will both be in use for a period of time. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable if we are to achieve the national consistency that our patients and public want, and expect, from the NHS.