Decision support tools

Decision support tools, also called patient decision aids, support shared decision making by making treatment, care and support options explicit. They provide evidence-based information about the associated benefits/harms and help patients to consider what matters most to them in relation to the possible outcomes, including doing nothing.

Decision support tools: making a decision about a health condition

These decision support tools are designed to support shared decision making between people and a clinician. People may find they are useful before, during or between consultations depending on their care pathway. For more information about how this tool was created, please email


Long term conditions





Women’s health

Each decision support tool has been developed with input throughout the process from healthcare professionals, patients and the public, and presents the numbers in as clear a way as possible to help people make their own decisions about whether to choose treatments or not. Acknowledgement of all people involved can be found on the University of Cambridge’s Winton Centre’s website.

These tools have been developed in accordance with The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence standards framework for shared decision making support tools, including patient decision aids.

There is also a very helpful short video that introduces the MSK DSTs including their purpose and content.

We will continue to build on this suite of tools and publish as they become available.