BBC One’s Repair Shop special to mark NHS’s 75th

Photo credit: BBC

To celebrate 75 years of the NHS, BBC One’s Repair Shop will air a special show at 8pm on Wednesday 28 June in which the team will revive four precious items chronicling the evolution the NHS.

The items include a 30 year old Thomas the Tank Engine trolley which provides light relief for sick children as it’s wheeled into the children’s ward at Surrey’s Frimley Park Hospital to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nurses Catherine and Katie need the expertise of metal man Dominic Chinea to get their hospital food trolley back on track.

Dr Adrian and his daughter Lydia need help with a 1960s GP’s bag, which holds memories of Adrian’s late father Noel. Born in Burma, Noel attended medical school in the 1950s but came to the UK in the 1960s to escape the military regime. Once here, Noel found work as a GP and spent his entire career dedicating himself to the NHS. His son also became a GP, and his granddaughter Lydia is currently training to be a dentist.

You can read more about the full show, including the other objects that will be revived, on the BBC website. People who miss the live show can catch up via the BBC iPlayer.