Commissioner-based Cancer Waiting Times for June 2018 Provisional:

The latest monthly statistics on waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients accessing NHS services were released on 9th August 2018 by NHS England.

Pre-Release Access List June 2018 (PDF, 66KB)
Cancer Waiting Times Press Release – June 2018 (Commissioner based) Provisional (PDF, 136KB)
June 2018 Cancer Waiting Times Commissioner Workbook Provisional (XLSX, 176KB)

CSV Files

1. Supporting Information (Commissioner Data) – CSV 4KB
2. Two Week Wait – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 14KB
3. Two Week Wait – Breast Symptoms (Commissioner Data) – CSV 25KB
4. 31-Day first treatment – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 16KB
5. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Anti Cancer Drug Regimen (Comm Data) – CSV 18KB
6. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Radiotherapy (Commissioner Data) – CSV 16KB
7. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Surgery (Commissioner Data) – CSV 15KB
8. 62-Day first treatment – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 16KB
9. 62-Day wait from consultant upgrade – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 15KB
10. 62-Day wait from screening – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 15KB