Extended access to general practice

The extended access to general practice collection was launched during October 2016 in response to the government’s mandate to NHS England which sets out:

“To ensure everyone has easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments at evenings and weekends”.

The collection has been set up to monitor the availability of pre-bookable appointments in general practice at evenings and weekends.

The completion of this survey is a contractual requirement on general practices. The first collection took place during October 2016. Collections will continue bi-annually until March 2021.

The bi-annual data collection will be live every March and September until 2021, results will be published on this page at the end of April and October each year.

This publication presents experimental official statistics about the availability of extended access to general practice. The data are published as experimental statistics as they are relatively new and undergoing evaluation.

The information collected is provided for each general practice that responded. Data are also presented by CCG, NHS England local area, region and nationally including practice counts and registered population.

Please note that CCG level data that has previously been published for the October 2016 and March 2017 collections is aligned to CCG boundaries that were correct at the time of publication. This historic data has been re-mapped to April 2017 CCGs for the September 2017 publication to enable fairer comparisons to be made of change in provision.

September 2017 (latest data)*
GP Extended Access Commentary – Sept 2017 V1.0 Final (PDF, 692KB)
GP Extended Access Data – September 2017 V1.1 (XLS,  1,609KB)  **
GP Extended Access Data – September 2017 (CSV,  1,686KB)
GP Extended Access – Pre-release access list (Sep 17) (PDF,  200KB

March 2017 ***
GP Extended Access Commentary – March 2017 (PDF, 677KB)
GP Extended Access Data – March 2017 (XLS, 1,575KB)
GP Extended Access Data – March 2017 (CSV, 1,686KB)
GP Extended Access – pre-release access list – March 2017 (PDF, 197KB)

October 2016 ***
GP Extended Access Commentary – October 2016 (REVISED) v1.1 (PDF, 350KB)
GP Extended Access Data – October 2016 (XLS, 1,536K)
GP Extended Access Data – October 2016 (active practice submits and non submits) (CSV, 1,679KB)
GP Extended Access – pre-release access list – October 2016 (PDF, 197KB)

A guide to completing the extended access to general practice survey



* Data is aligned to April 2017 CCG boundaries
** STP codes have been updated for 4 STPs on the time series tab. This has not affected the data or calculations.
*** Data is aligned to pre-April 2017 CCG boundaries


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