Genomic Testing activity

The monthly genomics patient level contract monitoring (PLCM) submission collects management information from the Genomics Laboratory Hubs (GLH) including activity and waiting time data.


This quarterly publication, includes data shown at both a national and GLH regional level and broken down by into views including total activity, cancer activity, rare and inherited disease activity as well as specific clinical indications.


Currently, only activity data has been published however it is planned to add waiting time data in a future publication. This is the first time genomics testing activity has been published and the structure and breakdowns of data may change in future publications.

Statistical Commentary

Genomics Statistical Commentary Q3 23-24 (Word, 35KB)


Genomics performance data Q3 23-24 (Excel, 194KB)


Previous Publications

Genomics Statistical Commentary Q2 23-24 (Word, 39KB)

Genomics performance data Q2 23-24 (Excel, 190KB)


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Last updated: 14.03.2024