GP Patient Survey

The GP Patient Survey assesses patients’ experience of healthcare services provided by GP practices, including experience of access, making appointments, the quality of care received from healthcare professionals, patient health, and experience of NHS services when their GP practice was closed. The survey also includes a number of questions assessing patients’ experience of NHS dental services.

The results of the survey are published by Ipsos on behalf of NHS England on the GP Patient Survey website.

Latest publication

These are the latest Official Statistics for England for the GP Patient Survey, published on 13th July 2023:

This presents the results of aggregated data collected by postal and online surveys from 3rd January 2023 to 3rd April 2023.

An infographic of the latest data is available here:

In addition, NHS England has developed information packs for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) presenting the latest results specific for local areas, helping to inform commissioners about their patients’ experiences at local primary care networks. These are available on the main GP Patient Survey publication website:

An interactive Primary Care Network Power BI tool will also be available, presenting the latest results and trends for all survey questions. The tool also shows the latest 2023 results for the GP practices that are a member of the PCN. There are a variety of options to export the results for use in reports and other documents. This tool is available on the main GP Patient Survey publication website:


There are 6 comparable years of data for most of the GP Patient Survey questions (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023). There are a small number of questions that can be compared back to 2012 as they were not affected by survey changes from 2018 onwards.

Changes to the 2023 survey

Minor changes were made to the questionnaire in 2023 to ensure that it continued to reflect how primary care services are delivered and how patients experience them.

2023 pre-release access list

Pre-release access list

Dental results

The survey includes a number of questions that assess patients’ experience of NHS dental services.  For further information and the latest results, please see the published dental statistics.

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