Cancer Under 16 Patient Experience Survey

The 2022 Under 16s Cancer Patient Experience Survey (U16s CPES) is the third iteration of an annual national survey to measure children’s cancer and tumour care provided by the NHS in England.

The 2022 survey was carried out by Picker Institute Europe on behalf of NHS England. The survey captures the experiences of children who were aged 8 and above at the start of the fieldwork period, but under 16 at the time of their care or discharge, and the parents and carers of children who were aged under 16 at the time of their care or discharge.

Questions were asked about the child’s care during 2022. There were three versions of the questionnaire, depending on the patient’s age immediately prior to fieldwork:

  • 0-7 questionnaire – for completion by parents/carers of children aged 0-7.
  • 8-11 questionnaire – with sections for the child and the parent/carer to complete.
  • 12-15 questionnaire – with sections for the child/young person and the parent/carer to complete.

Latest publication

The results for the 2022 survey were published on 8th November 2023 on the U16s CPES website. This includes:

Pre-release access list

24 hour pre-release access list for the 2022 results of the Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

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