Ambulance Quality Indicators

This contains background material for the Ambulance System Indicators and Clinical Outcomes for all eleven Ambulance Services in England.

The following webpages are / were updated monthly, with the latest Statistical Notes, spreadsheets and text files:
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2017-18
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2016-17
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2015-16
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2014-15
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2013-14
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2012-13
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2011-12

The following interactive spreadsheets, updated monthly, show Time Series data from April 2011 to the latest published month. Users can select whether to view data for all England, an individual trust, or a commissioning region:
Ambulance Systems Indicators Time series to May 2017 (XLSX, 599KB)
Ambulance Clinical Outcomes Time series to February 2017 (XLSX, 349KB)

CSV Data
Systems Indicators April 2011 to May 2017 (CSV, 194KB)
Clinical Outcomes April 2011 to February 2017 (CSV, 134KB)

Note: From February 2015 to February 2017, the Systems Indicators for Category A, Red 1 and Red 2 responses are not comparable for all Ambulance Services; for details please read the 8 December 2016 Statistical Note, via the above 2016-17 link.

ACQI Dashboard
This dashboard of Systems Indicators and Clinical Outcomes contains identical data to the Time Series files above, but presents the data in a macro-driven layout with a map and an overview flowchart through the ambulance call process. It contains an embedded Narrative PDF with further information, and Ambulance Services are able to download this spreadsheet and place a version on their own websites with an updated narrative. This dashboard has been updated up to and including March 2016, however will not be updated past this date.
Download ACQI Dashboard April 2011 to March 2016 (XLS, 5,967KB)
The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives have produced an online dashboard which provides similar data to that available in this dashboard. This is available from

Supporting information
The following documents contain the specification guidance for data suppliers on what NHS England require.
For data up until 4 January 2016: AQI Guidance V1.31 (DOCX, 173KB)
For data from 5 January 2016 onwards: AQI Guidance V1.4 (DOCX, 202KB)
For data from commencement of Dispatch on Disposition onwards: AQI Guidance V1.6 (DOCX, 196KB)
For data from 19 April 2016 (South Western Ambulance Service), 21 April 2016 (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) and 8 June 2016 (West Midlands Ambulance Service) onwards: AQI Guidance Code Set Trial v 2.0 (DOCX, 117KB) and erratum AQI Guidance Code Set Trial Erratum (DOCX, 34KB)
For data from 12 October 2016 (West Midlands Ambulance Service), 20 October 2016 (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) and 24 October 2016 (South Western Ambulance Service) onwards:AQI Guidance Code Set Trial v 3.0 (DOCX. 113KB). Updated on 7 November 2016

This Statement describes the quality of the statistics, along with a revisions policy, and information on user engagement:
AQI Quality Statement 2015 v1.2 (PDF, 356KB)

The following timetable contains dates for data collection and publication:
2017-18 Ambulance Quality Indicators Publication Timetable (PDF, 45KB) (Updated 28 April 2017)

Similar data from other sources
The Ambulance Services publication by the Health and Social Care Information Centre contains AQI data up to 2014-15, and statistics from the KA34 data collection 2004-05 to 2012-13, which are similar but not directly comparable with the AQI data.

Weekly Category A response times from 7 November 2010 to 29 May 2011 are still available on an archive website: Ambulance Weekly Sitreps.

Rest of UK
Wales ambulance data from the Welsh Government.
Scotland ambulance data in Quality Improvement Indicators documents from the Scottish Ambulance Service.
Northern Ireland ambulance data  from the NI Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

Contact Details
For press enquiries, please contact the NHS England press office on 0113 825 0958 or

The individual responsible for these data is:
Ian Kay
NHS England, Operational Information for Commissioning (Central)
Room 5E24, Quarry House, Leeds LS2 7UE
0113 825 4606