Hospital Activity

Monthly and quarterly activity collections contain different data items covering the same general topic area – hospital inpatient and outpatient activity. The main differences are that the quarterly data covers all specialties but only looks at elective activity whereas monthly data focuses on General & Acute and shows the split between elective and non-elective data and the elective split between ordinary admissions and day cases.

The future of the Monthly and Quarterly Activity returns are under consultation. The consultation closed on 5th April 2018. A response will be published once results have been analysed and next steps identified. Collections are continuing as normal. Find out more at:

Monthly Activity data items

Inpatients (G&A FFCEs only)
Elective ordinary
Elective day cases
Elective ordinary planned
Elective day case planned
NHS treatment centres
Total non-elective

Outpatients (G&A only)
GP written referrals made
GP written referrals seen
Other referrals made
All 1st outpatient attendances

Outpatients (all specialties)
GP written referrals made
GP written referrals seen

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Quarterly Activity data items

Inpatients (electives only)
Decisions to admit
Patients admitted
Patients failed to attend
Removals other than admissions

Number of GP written referrals
Number of other referrals
1st attendances seen
1st attendances did not attend
Subsequent attendances seen
Subsequent attendances did not attend

All data items relate to all specialties

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