Community health services waiting lists

This publication contains monthly information on waiting lists and times for community health services in England.


The Community Health Services (CHS) SitRep collects monthly data on waiting lists and waiting times for Children and Young People’s (CYP) and Adult’s community health services. Providers submit aggregated information for service lines, irrespective of the number of ICBs or regions they provide services under.

This publication contains management data which is collected on a rapid turnaround basis, allowing only minimal validation to be undertaken. It includes:

  • Total number of patients on the waiting list
  • Number waiting 0-1 weeks (0-7 days)
  • Number waiting 1-2 weeks (8-14 days)
  • Number waiting 2-4 weeks (15-28 days)
  • Number waiting 4-12 weeks (29-84 days)
  • Number waiting 12-18 weeks (85-126 days)
  • Number waiting 18-52 weeks (127-364 days)
  • Number waiting over 52 weeks (over 365 days)

Data are shown at national, regional, system and provider level.

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For further information about the published statistics, please contact us at:

If you are a patient wishing to discuss your own waiting time experience, you should contact your local commissioner, which you can find via the NHS website.