Vaccinations for mpox

This publication contains information on the number of smallpox (Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA)) vaccines that have been administered via sexual health services in England to people at highest risk of mpox infection and a small number of contacts of mpox. It includes data at both national and regional level. 

These estimates are designated as experimental statistics while they are still in development and should be interpreted with some caution. Data is collected via voluntary aggregate data submissions from sexual health or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics. As this is a relatively new data collection, some variation may be due to incomplete data submissions and other data quality issues. We are working with all clinics to improve data quality. These figures are published to ensure timely reporting of the most up-to-date operational statistics so there may be a slight undercount as more vaccinations are reported in the coming days for the most recent period reported.   

Data is updated weekly at 2pm on Thursdays.  


Weekly MVA Vaccinations

Until 10 November 2022, data was extracted on Thursday each week and included vaccinations reported by 10am of the publication date. From 17 November 2022, data is extracted on Wednesday and includes vaccinations reported by 10am of the day prior to the publication date.

The data includes all individuals who have been vaccinated via sexual health services in England, even if they are resident outside of England, do not have an NHS number or are no longer alive.

This publication includes breakdowns of vaccinations by NHS Region of Site.

MVA vaccinations 26 January 2023

MVA vaccinations 19 January 2023

MVA vaccinations 12 January 2023

MVA vaccinations 5 January 2023

MVA vaccinations 22 December 2022

MVA vaccinations 15 December 2022

MVA vaccinations 8 December 2022

MVA vaccinations 1 December 2022

MVA vaccinations 24 November 2022

MVA vaccinations 17 November 2022

MVA vaccinations 10 November 2022

MVA vaccinations 03 November 2022

MVA vaccinations 27 October 2022

MVA vaccinations 20 October 2022

MVA vaccinations 13 October 2022

MVA vaccinations 06 October 2022

MVA vaccinations 29 September 2022

MVA vaccinations 22 September 2022


Additional Analysis:

Supplementary analyses of vaccine statistics are available on the NHS Statistics Supplementary information page

Prior to the finalised weekly publication, a supplementary data file was published on the total MVA vaccinations delivered in England:

MVA vaccinations 18 August 2022

It was also reported without a full publication that on the following dates:

10 August 2022 a total of 25,325 vaccines had been administered.

1 August 2022 a total of 14,227 vaccines had been administered.