Physical Health Checks for people with Severe Mental Illness

Physical health checks for people with severe mental illness (SMI)


The CCG data collection for people with SMI receiving a full physical health check data contains information on the number of people on the General Practice SMI register at the end of each quarter, and of these how many received a comprehensive physical health check in the 12-months to the end of the reporting period.

This data has been supplied by CCGs who have gathered it from GP practices and other providers of primary care services in their areas.

Data for this collection is available from Quarter 3, 2018/19, published in February 2019.

Physical health checks may be delivered in either primary or secondary care. The indicator for 2018/19 asks CCGs to report quarterly on the delivery of physical health checks for people on the SMI register in primary care settings only. The updated indicator for 2019/20 asks CCGs to report quarterly on the delivery of physical health checks for people on the SMI register in any setting, including the relevant follow-up interventions and access to national screening. The first return to the 2019/20 collection will take place in July 2019. Technical guidance supporting both the 2018/19 collection and the expanded 2019/20 collection is available below.

The data presented here are considered experimental owing to the fact that they are known to be incomplete both in terms of the number of CCGs who have not supplied information, and that some of those that have supplied information have supplied partial data. The experimental label of these statistics will be reviewed and removed once data completeness improves sufficiently.


Guidance relating to this topic –

Technical guidance  – Technical guidance (2019-20 collection) (updated 19-10-01)

Technical guidance – Technical guidance (2018/19 collection)

Disclosure Review –Risk of Disclosure – Physical Health Checks for people with Serious Mental Illnesses (SMI)


Pre-Release Access List

Physical Health Checks SMI Pre-Release Access list Q2 2019-20 (PDF , 110 KB)

Statistical Press Notice

Physical Health Checks SMI Statistical Press Notice Q2 2019-20 (PDF, 135 KB)


CSV file

Physical Health Checks SMI (CSV, 224 KB)


Physical Health Checks SMI Q2 2019-20 (XLS 321 KB)
Physical Health Checks SMI Q1 2019-20 (XLS 320 KB)


Physical Health Checks for SMI Q4 2018-19 (XLS, 104 KB)
Physical Health Checks for SMI Q3 2018-19 (XLS, 92 KB)


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