Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUCADC including NHS111) – new from April 2021

Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) describes a range of services including NHS 111 and Out of Hours services, which aim to ensure a seamless patient experience with minimum handoffs and access to a clinician where required.

Changes from April 2021

Following a review in 2019-2020, the NHS 111 MDS was merged into a revised version of the IUC ADC. Thereafter, a provisional subset of the IUC ADC data will be published in the month after the collection end date (eg, April data will be published in May), with the complete monthly IUC ADC published as Official Statistics the following month (eg, April data published in June). The IUC ADC includes some new data items and some definitions have been revised to provide greater clarity so not all data items are directly comparable with the same data items collected before April 2021. The IUC ADC is used to monitor a revised set of IUC ADC KPIs. The specification and supporting documents for the revised version of the IUC ADC can be found below.

IUC ADC – Official Statistics

These data comprise the complete monthly IUC ADC dataset and are published within six weeks after the end of the month to which data refer (eg, April data published in June), see publication timetable below.

Statistical Notes and Data Quality Statements
Statistical Note for May 2021 (PDF, 74KB) (8 July 2021) 
Data Quality Statement for May 2021 (PDF, 366KB)
Statistical Note for April 2021 (PDF, 87KB) (10 June 2021) 
Data Quality Statement for April 2021 (PDF, 276KB)

Excel Data
Data Time Series to May 2021 (XLSX, 1037KB)

CSV Data
Data to May 2021 (CSV, 827KB)

IUC ADC – latest provisional statistics

These data are a subset of the complete monthly IUC ADC, focusing on key data items, which are collected weekly and aggregated for publication within two weeks after the collection end date (eg, April data published in May). Provisional figures will only be published one month at a time as these data are subject to change and should be treated as estimates until the complete IUC ADC Official Statistics are published the following month.

Statistical Notes
Statistical Note for June 2021 (PDF, 97KB) (8 July 2021) 

Excel Data
Aggregated IUC ADC Provisional Statistics June 2021 (XLSX, 170KB)

CSV Data
Aggregated IUC ADC Raw Data June 2021 (CSV, 3,364KB)

Specification guidance from April 2021
IUC ADC Specification 2021-22 v1.3 (PDF, 217KB) Updated 16 June 2021
NHS England IUC Key Performance Indicators 2021-22, v1.1 (PDF, 152KB) Updated 25 June 2021
NHS England letter to Commissioners re IUC KPIs Adherence (PDF, 138KB) Added 18 June 2021
IUC ADC Glossary (XLSX, 24KB)  Updated 21 May 2021
IUC ADC Dx Code Mapping (XLSX, 29KB) Updated 9 June 2021
IUC DoS Service Type Mapping (XLSX, 33KB) Updated 15 July 2021
Mapping ADC & MDS Changes from April 2021 (XLSX, 36KB) Updated 12 July 2021

Data for 111MDS and IUCADC (running April 2019 to March 2021) can be found on an associated page of the NHS Statistics here:

Integrated Urgent Care (including NHS 111)

NHS 111 MDS and IUC ADC publication documents:

This document lists people who have access to the statistics in the 24 hours before publication:
NHS 111 MDS Pre-release Access List 8 July 2021 (PDF, 58KB)

IUC ADC Publication Timetable 2021-22 (PDF, 16KB)


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