Cancer Patient Experience Survey

The Cancer Patient Experience Survey has been designed to monitor national progress on cancer care; to provide information to drive local quality improvements; to assist commissioners and providers of cancer care; and to inform the work of the various charities and stakeholder groups supporting cancer patients.

The survey is conducted by Quality Health on behalf of NHS England. The results are published on the Quality Health national Cancer Patient Experience publication website.

Latest publication

These are the latest Official Statistics for England for the Cancer Patient Experience Survey:

This presents the results for 2015. A number of improvements have been made to the 2015 survey including changes to the questionnaire and how the results are analysed and reported. The results should, therefore, be read in conjunction with the guidance material. The document ‘reading the results’ provides details of the improvements that have been made and the likely impact of these. Caution should be taken in directly comparing data from the 2015 survey to the findings of the previous Cancer Patient Experience Surveys, even for identical questions.

Local reports are available for Clinical Commissioning Groups and trusts presenting the latest results specific for local areas. These are designed to inform commissioners and providers about their patients’ experiences and to identify areas for local improvement. Minor errors were identified which affect the tumour group tables in selected CCG and Trust reports and data tables. The error occurred when data were exported incorrectly for some tumour types in selected CCGs and Trusts. We have corrected these errors. The revised local reports and data tables will be published at 9:30am on Wednesday 17th August. The Trusts and CCGs concerned have been notified. We apologise for any inconvenience.

NHS England has produced a summary of the key national and local results:

  • Summary of key findings [Revised on 13 July 2016 due to errors identified in the slides. No headline messages have been altered.]

Pre-release access list

Pre-release access list Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Previous publications

The 2015 survey is the fifth iteration of the survey first undertaken in 2010. Previous results are published on the Quality Health national Cancer Patient Experience publication website.

Use of the survey results

Results of the 2014 survey on overall patient experience of care form one of the four cancer indicators in the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework 2016/17. The Framework is intended as a focal point for joint work and support between NHS England and CCGs. It is aimed at unlocking change and improvement in a number of key areas including cancer.

The results of the survey are also used in the patient experience domain in the Cancer Dashboard produced by NHS England and Public Health England. The Dashboard, a recommendation from the Independent Cancer Taskforce, is intended as a tool to help clinical leaders, commissioners and providers to quickly and easily identify priority areas for improvement; enable easy tracking of progress towards national ambitions on cancer including patient experience; and help to provide context for the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework indicators. Further information is available at:

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