National Wheelchair Data Collection

Establishing a National Dataset

NHS England and NHS Improvement are working together with a range of people and organisations to improve wheelchair services, and to ensure that all people who use wheelchairs receive the best possible support for their needs.

Following two wheelchair summits in 2014, NHS England committed to support CCGs to commission more effective, higher-quality wheelchair services. In 2015/16, NHS England introduced a national wheelchair dataset. This was in order to establish the first centralised dataset about expenditure on, access to, volume, or patient experience of wheelchair services, and was therefore designed to improve transparency and benchmarking. This was essential to improving the commissioning of wheelchair services, and similarly to improving outcomes for people who use wheelchairs.

NHS Planning Guidance includes wheelchairs. It is expected that CCGs will achieve 92% in relation to the 18-week Referral to Treatment (RTT) standard waiting time for children. This has been reduced from the previous 100% target following feedback from key stakeholders and a review of the target. NHS England and NHS Improvement are holding CCGs to account for performance against this target through the CCG assurance programme.

The National Wheelchair Data Collection

The questions that comprise the data collection were developed through significant discussion and feedback from wheelchair service providers, people who use wheelchairs, the National Wheelchair Managers Forum, CCGs, and other key stakeholders. Data is collected quarterly from CCGs.

Further information on the collection can be found on the NHS England website.


The collection is published as an official statistic commencing quarter one of 2019-20 (April – June 2019). Between January 2020 and June 2021 the collection was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The collection was previously published as an experimental statistic from quarter two of 2015-16 (July – September 2015) to quarter four of 2018-19 (January – March 2019). The data can be downloaded from the NHS England website.

Coverage: England

Date of next publication: 11th November 2021

Contact Details

For more information about the national dataset, or the ways in which NHS England is engaging with and supporting commissioners of wheelchair services, please contact