Child Immunisation


This quarterly collection reports on the immunisation coverage for three cohort age groups; 12 months, 24 months and 5 years.  Please note that these are management information. The term management information describes aggregate information collated and used in the normal course of business to inform operational delivery or the management of organisational performance. The information may be incomplete in places, is not quality assured to the same extent as other official statistics and may not necessarily be fully representative.


Collection-Guidance-COVER-v1.54 (PDF, 357K)

Next Publication Date

TBD (original publication date of 30 June 2017 has been delayed due to issues with data coverage)


Child Immunisation 2016/17 Q3 (XLSX, 1.02MB)

Child Immunisation 2015/16 GP (Revised 07/04/2017) (XLS, 2.30MB)
Child Immunisation 2015/16 Q4 (Revised 07/04/2017) (XLS, 2.48MB)

Child Immunisation 2014/15 GP (XLS, 2.89MB)
Child Immunisation 2014/15 Q4 (XLS, 1.78MB)
Child Immunisation 2014/15 Q4 (PDF, 492KB)

Child Immunisation 2013/14 Q4 (XLS, 3.13MB)
Child Immunisation 2013/14 Q4 (ZIP, 6.92MB)

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For further information about the published management information, please contact us at:

Operational Information for Commissioning
NHS England
Quarry House

Queries relating to submitting data for 2016/17 should be directed to:

GP practices that have queries about the published management information should contact their local Child Health Information System (CHIS). It will not be possible to submit revisions to the 2015/16 management information data, however, practices should work with their local CHIS to ensure the data submitted for 2016/17 is accurate in preparation for the next update.