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This quarterly collection reports on the immunisation coverage for three cohort age groups; 12 months, 24 months and 5 years.  Please note that these are management information. The term management information describes aggregate information collated and used in the normal course of business to inform operational delivery or the management of organisational performance. The information may be incomplete in places, is not quality assured to the same extent as official statistics and may not necessarily be fully representative.

Details for providers

The Child Immunisation Unify2 data collection by GP practice has now been transferred to the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) and will re-commence with the 2017/18 collection on 18th June 2018. The collection guidance and links to the SDCS general collection guidance can be found here

Reporting: Clinical Commissioning Group, Provider, and Practice level childhood immunisations data reported here are Experimental Management Information, collected through SDCS from Child health Records Departments. From Q1 2019/20 onwards these data are published by Public Health England and can be found here:

Alternative Sources of Data

The source of official national statistics remains the Public Health England COVER (Cover of Vaccinations Evaluated Rapidly) data at a Local Authority level found here:

NHS Digital publishes the annual NHS Immunisation Statistics (Local Authority level) on behalf of Public Health England:

Data submission and publication deadlines are available through the website:

Immform data, are also available via PHE’s website (national, NHS Area Team, CCG, & Local Authority level):

The numbers of vaccinations GP Practices are paid for administering (not coverage data) are published as part of the GP Contract Services (practice level) and are available via the link:

Vaccination data are also collected at a patient-level through the Children and Young People’s Health Services (CYPHS) data set (renamed the Community Services Data Set (CSDS)).

NHS Digital are working closely with providers who are not currently submitting data to the CSDS. If you require any additional information or support in relation to submitting childhood immunisation data to the CSDS dataset please visit the CSDS data set page:

For further support please email NHS Digital at using the subject title “Submitting Childhood Immunisation Data to CSDS”.

Experimental statistics have been published from this collection, comparing numbers of vaccinations in the Children and Young People’s Health Services (CYPHS) Data Set, to the National Statistic figures taken from the PHE COVER data:  . Supplementary maps:


Collection-Guidance-COVER GP-v2.00

Next Publication Date

Publication dates can be found


Quarterly data from Q1 2019/20 are available

The Child Immunisation 2018/19 annual data for children up to 5 years old have been made available by NHS Digital via an interactive Power BI platform providing interactive maps at STP, CCG and GP practice level – Power BI dashboard. The data file is available on the NHS Digital website.

Child Immunisation 2018/19 GP (XLSX, 4.74MB)
Child Immunisation 2018/19 Q4 (XLSX, 1.03MB)

Child Immunisation 2017/18 GP (XLSX, 1.95MB)
Child Immunisation 2017/18 Q4 (XLSX, 1.10MB)

Child Immunisation 2016/17 GP (XLSX, 1.93MB)
Child Immunisation 2016/17 Q4 (XLSX, 1.00MB)

Child Immunisation 2015/16 GP (Revised 07/04/2017) (XLSX, 2.30MB)
Child Immunisation 2015/16 Q4 (Revised 07/04/2017) (XLSX, 2.48MB)

Child Immunisation 2014/15 GP (XLSX 2.89MB)
Child Immunisation 2014/15 Q4 (XLSX, 1.78MB)
Child Immunisation 2014/15 Q4 (PDF, 492KB)

Child Immunisation 2013/14 Q4 (XLSX, 3.13MB)
Child Immunisation 2013/14 Q4 (ZIP, 6.92MB)

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