Consultant-led Referral to Treatment Waiting Times

This section contains information on Consultant-led Referral To Treatment (RTT) waiting times, which monitor the length of time from referral through to elective treatment.

National Statistics Office logoMonthly RTT waiting times data has been published since March 2007. Initially data was only published for patients whose RTT pathways ended in admission for treatment (admitted pathways). Non-admitted and Incomplete RTT pathway data has been published since August 2007. Adjusted admitted RTT pathway data was published from March 2008 to September 2015.

Latest data

2016-17 RTT waiting times data
2015-16 RTT waiting times data
2014-15 RTT waiting times data
2013-14 RTT waiting times data
2012-13 RTT waiting times data
2011-12 RTT waiting times data
Data prior to 2011-12 is currently still found here on the old RTT web page

Pre-release Access List

Pre-release Access List (PDF, 62K)

Annual Statistical Report

Download 2015_16 RTT Annual Report v2 (PDF, 564K)
2015_16 Annual Report – spreadsheet (XLS, 46K)
Please note table 5 of the 2015_16 report was slightly amended at 4.30pm on the day of publication (9 June 2016)

Download 2014 Annual Report (PDF, 2985K)
2014 Annual Report – spreadsheet (XLS, 46K)

Download 2013 Annual Report (PDF, 1749K)
Download 2012 Annual Report (PDF, 152K)
Download 2011 Annual Report (PDF, 155K)
Download 2010 Annual Report (PDF, 362K)
Download 2009 Annual Report (PDF, 283K)


RTT waiting times clock rules and FAQ
Guide to waiting times for patients

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