Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) assess the quality of care delivered to NHS patients from the patient perspective. Currently covering two clinical procedures, PROMs calculate the health gains after surgical treatment using pre- and post-operative surveys.

The two procedures are:

    • hip replacements
    • knee replacements

PROMs have been collected by all providers of NHS-funded care since April 2009.

Publications occur biannually in February and August and are provisional until the data set is declared finalised.

Following changes to the reporting schedule for publications, finalised full-year data will now be published six months earlier. Previously published in August, this will now be published in February. This decision was made to address reporting needs amongst key users of the data for calculating more-timely finalised PROMS data.

PROMs measure a patient’s health status or health-related quality of life at a single point in time, and are collected through short, self-completed questionnaires. This health status information is collected before and after a procedure and provides an indication of the outcomes or quality of care delivered to NHS patients.


PROMs national-level headline data are published every month with additional organisation and record-level data made available each quarter (typically in February, May, August, and November each year). Data are provisional until a final annual publication is released each year.

PROMs data are available here.


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