Commissioner-based Cancer Waiting Times for March 2017

The latest monthly statistics on waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients accessing NHS services were released on 13th April 2017 by NHS England.

Pre-release Access List March 2017 – PDF 142KB
Cancer Waiting Times Press Release – March 2017 (Commissioner based) – PDF 134KB
March 2017 Cancer Waiting Times Commissioner Workbook – XLSX 192KB

CSV Files

1. Supporting Information (Commissioner Data) – CSV 5KB
2. Two Week Wait – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 15KB
3. Two Week Wait – Breast Symptoms (Commissioner Data) – CSV 27KB
4. 31-Day first treatment – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 17KB
5. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Anti Cancer Drug Regimen (Commissioner Data) – CSV 19KB
6. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Radiotherapy (Commissioner Data) – CSV 17KB
7. 31-Day subsequent treatment – Surgery (Commissioner Data)- CSV 16KB
8. 62-Day first treatment – All Cancers (Commissioner Data) – CSV 17KB
9. 62-Day first treatment following consultant upgrade – All Cancers (Commissioner Data)- CSV 15KB
10. 62-Day first treatment following screening – All Cancers (Commissioner Data)- CSV 16KB