Critical care and General & Acute Beds – Urgent and Emergency Care Daily Situation Reports

Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) Daily Situation Reports

Daily returns are collected from acute trusts and includes data bed availability for adult and paediatric general and acute beds – split by Core and Escalation beds, as well as adult critical care, paediatric intensive care and neonatal critical care. The data also includes counts of patients with a Length of Stay (LOS) of 7+, 14+ and 21+ days.

The publication contains management data which has been collected on a rapid turn-round basis from the NHS. The speed of the collection only permits minimal validation to be undertaken but the data is considered ‘fit-for-purpose’.

For further information on this collection, please see the Urgent and Emergency Care Daily Situation Reports page on this site:


Note on beds data

Please note that the beds figures included in this publication are collected on a different basis (both in terms of organisations covered and definitions) to those published in the COVID-19 data section, so are not comparable.

Hospital capacity has had to be organised in new ways as a result of the pandemic to treat COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients separately and safely in meeting the enhanced Infection Prevention Control measures. This results in beds and staff being deployed differently from in previous years in both emergency and elective settings within the hospital. As a result, caution should be exercised in comparing overall occupancy rates between this year and previous years. In general hospitals will experience capacity pressures at lower overall occupancy rates than would previously have been the case.

The monthly beds publication includes time periods which overlap with our weekly winter sitrep reporting. The winter weekly publication is a snapshot at a point in time and does not include any resubmissions which take place prior to monthly publication. Therefore there may not be an exact match between the two publications (weekly and monthly).


UEC daily sitrep definitions

In the publication we have split general and acute open and occupied beds, into adults and paediatrics and also core and escalation. Therefore, if comparing to previous years users would need to compare the total (adult plus paediatrics).

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