Monthly Diagnostic Waiting Times and Activity

The monthly diagnostics collection collects data on waiting times and activity for 15 key diagnostic tests and procedures.

National Statistics Office logoData are shown at provider organisation level, from NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and Independent Sector Providers. Data are also shown by Commissioning organisation, which are mainly Clinical Commissioning Groups, but in addition, NHS England also nationally commissions some specialised services. Data for this collection is available back to Jan-06.

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A consultation on the Quarterly Diagnostics Census and Monthly Diagnostics Waiting Times and Activity Returns closed on 5th April 2018. NHS England will publish a response to the feedback received as part of this consultation once results have been analysed and next steps identified. It is likely that the census will be dropped, however this is pending the official response to the consultation. In the meantime, the Q1 and Q2 2018/19 collections of the Diagnostics Census will be suspended and providers will not be required to submit data at this stage. Find out more at: Diagnostics Consultation


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