COVID-19 Therapeutics (antivirals, neutralising monoclonal antibodies and interleukin 6 inhibitors)

This section contains information on the total number of COVID-19 therapeutics (antivirals – ‘AVs’, neutralising monoclonal antibodies – ‘nMABS’, and interleukin 6 – ‘IL-6’ inhibitors) provided by the NHS in England to:

  • Eligible individuals hospitalised due to COVID-19, or with hospital-onset COVID-19 in England.
  • Eligible non-hospitalised individuals in England with COVID-19 since AVs and nMABs were introduced as a treatment option for people at the highest risk from COVID-19 in December 2021.

These data are as reported from information submitted by NHS hospitals and COVID Medicine Delivery Units (CMDUs) treating patients (via a system called Blueteq) when an individual is determined to be clinically eligible for (and agrees to) treatment.


Weekly AV, nMAB and IL-6 inhibitor treatments administered/dispensed

This publication shows the total number of individuals identified as eligible to receive AVs, nMABs or IL-6 inhibitors who received such treatment each week and presents hospital-based treatment figures separately to non-hospitalised patient treatment figures.

This publication shows the total number of treatments administered in England and is reported every 7 days (week ending each Sunday).

Figures relate to all individuals who have received relevant treatments either as an inpatient, or via COVID Medicine Delivery Units (CMDUs) in England.

The figures do not include information relating to such treatments administered as part of clinical trials (for example the PANORAMIC trial).

Weekly data are published at 9.30am on Thursdays.

These data are published to ensure timely reporting of the most up to date operational statistics so there may be a slight undercount as more data are reported in the coming days for the most recent period reported.   Weekly figures are updated retrospectively at each publication, to ensure reconciliation to the total reported treatments.

This publication includes breakdowns of the numbers of COVID therapeutic treatments by the specific treatment.

COVID Therapeutics Weekly Publication (week ending 28th May 2023)(XLSX, 170KB)

Data Notes and further information

Information relating to the digital identification of individuals who may be eligible for AV or nMAB treatment can be found here:
Treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS Digital

Details relating to the interim clinical policies and eligibility criteria can be found here:

Coronavirus » Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy: Remdesivir for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19 (adults and adolescents 12 years and older) (

Coronavirus » Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy: Antivirals or neutralising monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of hospital-onset COVID-19 (

Coronavirus » Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy: IL-6 inhibitors (tocilizumab or sarilumab) for hospitalised patients with COVID-19 (adults) (

Coronavirus » Interim clinical commissioning policy: neutralising monoclonal antibodies or antivirals for non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19 (