Dementia Assessment and Referral 2015-16

This section of the website provides information on the Dementia Assessment and Referral data collection for the period April 2015 to March 2016.


This data collection reports on the number and proportion of patients aged 75 and over admitted as an emergency for more than 72 hours in England who have been identified as potentially having dementia, who are appropriately assessed and who have a care plan on discharge which meets agreed standards. This is described with the acronym FAIRI (Find, Assess/Investigate, Refer/Inform).
The dementia data collection has been in place since 2013/14 with the focus on acute trusts, but was extended from April 2015 to reflect changes to the 2015/16 CQUIN[1] to include community service providers as well as acute trusts for the Find and Assess/Investigate indicators and provide an over view at CCG level for the Refer/Inform indicator.

The response from CCGs has been deemed too low quality both in terms of coverage and completeness to report. The response from Community Service Providers was also low initially, but deemed sufficiently complete for those organisations responding so these results have been published.

[1] Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) Guidance 2015/16 for further information please see


CQUIN Guidance 2015-16

Guidance on the data revisions policy can be found in the Statistics Code of Practice compliance section:
UNIFY Revisions Policy – October 2014 (PDF, 285K)

2015/16 Data

Quarter 4 2015/16 Data (revised 2nd November 2016)



SUPERSEDED (released 1st June 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-Q4-2015-16 (PDF, 326KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q4-2015-16 (PDF, 641KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q4-2015-16 (XLS, 67KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q4-2015-16 (CSV, 30KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-March-2016 (PDF, 73KB)

February 2016 Data (revised data published with Q4 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 4th May 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-February-2016 (PDF 315KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-February-2016 (XLS, 81KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-February-2016 (CSV, 14KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-February-2016 (PDF 75KB)

January 2016 Data (revised data published with Q4 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 6th April 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-January-2016 (PDF 315 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-January-2016 (XLS, 40KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-January-2016 (CSV, 14KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-January-2016 (PDF 75KB)

Quarter 3 2015/16 Data (revised 4th May 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-Q3 2015-16 REVISED (PDF 324KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q3-2015-16 REVISED (PDF 639KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q3-2015-16 REVISED (XLS, 72KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q3-2015-16 REVISED (CSV, 30KB)

SUPERSEDED (released 2nd March 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-Q3-2015-16 (PDF 323KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q3-2015-16 (PDF 637KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q3-2015-16 (XLS, 67KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q3-2015-16 (CSV, 30KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q3-2015-16 (PDF 76KB)

November 2015 Data (revised data published with Q3 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 3rd February 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-November-2015 (PDF 316KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-November-2015 (XLS, 37KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-November-2015 (CSV, 14KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-November-2015 (PDF 75KB)

October 2015 Data (revised data published with Q3 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 6th January 2016)

Dementia-Press-Notice-October-2015 (PDF 316KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-October-2015 (XLS, 38KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-October-2015 (CSV, 14KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-October-2015 (PDF 19KB)

Quarter 2 2015/16 Data (revised 4th May 2016)

Dementia-Data-Collection-Q2-2015-16 REVISED (XLS, 72KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q2-2015-16 REVISED (CSV, 30KB)

SUPERSEDED (released 2nd December 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-Q2-2015-16 (PDF 323KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q2-2015-16 (PDF 637KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q2-2015-16 (XLS, 68KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q2-2015-16 (CSV, 32KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-September-2015 (PDF 19KB)

August 2015 Data (revised data published with Q2 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 4th November 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-August-2015 (PDF 325 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-August-2015 (XLS, 38KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-August-2015 (CSV, 15KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-August-2015 (PDF 21KB)

July 2015 Data (revised data published with Q2 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 7th October 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-July-2015 (PDF, 325 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-July-2015 (XLS, 35KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-July-2015 (CSV, 15KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-July-2015 (PDF, 21KB)

Quarter 1 2015/16 Data (revised 4th November 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-June-2015 Q1 REVISED (PDF 323 KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q1-2015-16 REVISED (PDF 686 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q1-2015-16 REVISED (XLS, 67KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q1-2015-16 REVISED (CSV, 32KB)

SUPERSEDED (released 2nd September 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-Q1-2015-16 (PDF 336 KB)
Dementia-Commentary-Q1-2015-16 (PDF 704 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q1-2015-16 (XLS, 67KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-Q1-2015-16 (CSV, 32KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q1-2015 (PDF, 20KB)

May 2015 Data (revised data published with Q1 2015/16)

SUPERSEDED (released 5th August 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-May-2015 (PDF 325 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-May-2015 (XLS, 35KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-May-2015 (CSV, 14KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-May-2015 (PDF, 21KB)

April 2015 Data (revised data published with Q1 2015/16) 

SUPERSEDED (released 1st July 2015)

Dementia-Press-Notice-April-2015 (PDF, 323 KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-April-2015 (XLS, 35KB)
Dementia-Data-Collection-April-2015 (CSV, 15KB)
Dementia-Pre-Release-Access-List-April-2015 (PDF, 21KB)

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