Consultant-led Referral to Treatment Waiting Times Data 2017-18

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  • If you are interested in England level or regional waiting times please use the “Commissioner Data” files.
  • If you are interested in waiting times at provider trusts then please use the “Provider Data” files.

  • Incomplete pathways are waiting times for patients waiting to start treatment at the end of the month.
  • Admitted pathways are waiting times (time waited) for patients whose treatment started during the month and involved admission to hospital (until September 2015 adjustments were made to admitted pathways for clock pauses, where a patient had declined reasonable offers of admission and chose to wait longer).
  • Non-admitted pathways are waiting times (time waited) for patients whose treatment started during the month and did not involve admission to hospital.
  • Incomplete pathways with a decision to admit for treatment are waiting times for patients waiting to start treatment at the end of the month where a clinical decision to admit to a hospital bed for treatment has been made.
  • New RTT periods are the number of new RTT pathways where the clock start date is within the reporting month.

Revisions are published periodically (usually every six months) in line with NHS England Analytical Service team’s revisions policy.

Referral to treatment data for October 2016 to March 2017 was revised on 13 July 2017.

Referral to treatment data for April 2017 to August 2017 was revised on 11 January 2018.

Referral to treatment data for October 2017 to September 2018 was revised on 9th May 2019.

Apr17 May17 Jun17 Jul17 Aug17 Sep17
Oct17 Nov17 Dec17 Jan18 Feb18 Mar18

March 2018

Please note the following changes to the format of the routine publication outputs for March 2018 as a result of the move of the RTT data collection from Unify2 to NHS Digital’s Strategic Data Collection Service:

Full CSV data file

  • Data now starts on row 2 of the CSV file (previously row 4)
  • The ‘Year’ and ‘Period Name’ columns have been replaced by one ‘Period’ column (formatted ‘RTT-month-year’)
  • The ‘Status’ column is no longer present
  • The ‘RTT Part Name’ column has been renamed ‘RTT Part Type’

Individual publication files (‘Incomplete Commissioner’ etc)

  • The Treatment Function Code column is now consistent across all publication files and is shown in the format ‘C_xxx’ for specific treatment functions and ‘X01’ for the ‘Other’ category
  • The prefix for these codes was previously specific to each pathway type (‘IPxxx’ for incomplete pathways, ‘APxxx’ for admitted pathways, ‘NPxxx’ for non-admitted pathways, and no prefix was used for new RTT pathways)

Incomplete Commissioner Mar18 revised (XLS, 4310K)
Incomplete Provider Mar18 revised (XLS, 8007K)

Admitted Commissioner Mar18 revised (XLS, 2099K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Mar18 revised (XLS, 2119K)
New Periods Commissioner Mar18 revised (XLS, 576K)

Admitted Provider Mar18 revised (XLS, 3878K)
NonAdmitted Provider Mar18 revised (XLS, 3886K)
New Periods Provider Mar18 revised (XLS, 998K)

Full CSV data file Mar18 revised (ZIP, 3051K)

February 2018

Incomplete Commissioner Feb18 revised (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Feb18 revised (XLS, 8063K)

Admitted Commissioner Feb18 (XLS, 2095K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Feb18 revised (XLS, 2119K)
New Periods Commissioner Feb18 revised (XLS, 582K)

Admitted Provider Feb18 (XLS, 3931K)
NonAdmitted Provider Feb18 revised (XLS, 3932K)
New Periods Provider Feb18 revised (XLS, 1009K)

Full CSV data file Feb18 revised (ZIP, 3032K)

January 2018

Incomplete Commissioner Jan18 revised (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Jan18 revised (XLS, 8061K)

Admitted Commissioner Jan18 (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Jan18 (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Jan18 revised (XLS, 582K) v2

Admitted Provider Jan18 (XLS, 3914K)
NonAdmitted Provider Jan18 (XLS, 3922K)
New Periods Provider Jan18 revised (XLS, 1005K)

Full CSV data file Jan18 revised (ZIP, 3086K)

December 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Dec17 revised (XLS, 4297K)
Incomplete Provider Dec17 revised (XLS, 8042K)

Admitted Commissioner Dec17 revised (XLS, 2098K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Dec17 (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Dec17 revised (XLS, 582K)

Admitted Provider Dec17 revised (XLS, 3896K)
NonAdmitted Provider Dec17 (XLS, 3902K)
New Periods Provider Dec17 revised (XLS, 1003K)

Full CSV data file Dec17 revised (ZIP, 3135K)

November 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Nov17 revised (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Nov17 revised (XLS, 7791K)

Admitted Commissioner Nov17 (XLS, 2093K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Nov17 (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Nov17 revised (XLS, 583K)

Admitted Provider Nov17 (XLS, 3776K)
NonAdmitted Provider Nov17 (XLS, 3784K)
New Periods Provider Nov17 revised (XLS, 975K)

Full CSV data file Nov17 revised (ZIP, 3058K)

October 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Oct17 revised (XLS, 4292K)
Incomplete Provider Oct17 revised (XLS, 7811K)

Admitted Commissioner Oct17 (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Oct17 (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Oct17 revised (XLS, 583K)

Admitted Provider Oct17 (XLS, 3785K) 12109
NonAdmitted Provider Oct17 (XLS, 3793K)
New Periods Provider Oct17 revised (XLS, 977K)

Full CSV data file Oct17 revised (ZIP, 3084K)

September 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Sep17 (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Sep17 (XLS, 7757K)

Admitted Commissioner Sep17 (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Sep17 (XLS, 2102K)
New Periods Commissioner Sep17 (XLS, 581K)

Admitted Provider Sep17 (XLS, 3738K)
NonAdmitted Provider Sep17 (XLS, 3755K)
New Periods Provider Sep17 (XLS, 967K)

Full CSV data file Sep17 (ZIP, 3092K)

August 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Aug17 revised (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Aug17 revised (XLS, 7778K)

Admitted Commissioner Aug17 revised (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Aug17 revised (XLS, 2102K)
New Periods Commissioner Aug17 revised (XLS, 581K)

Admitted Provider Aug17 revised (XLS, 3748K)
NonAdmitted Provider Aug17 revised (XLS, 3765K)
New Periods Provider Aug17 revised (XLS, 969K)

Full CSV data file Aug17 revised (ZIP, 3103K)

July 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Jul17 revised (XLS, 4308K)
Incomplete Provider Jul17 revised (XLS, 7853K)

Admitted Commissioner Jul17 revised (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Jul17 revised (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Jul17 revised (XLS, 581K)

Admitted Provider Jul17 revised (XLS, 3784K)
NonAdmitted Provider Jul17 revised (XLS, 3802K)
New Periods Provider Jul17 revised (XLS, 977K)

Full CSV data file Jul17 revised (ZIP, 3083K)

June 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Jun17 revised (XLS, 4307K)
Incomplete Provider Jun17 revised (XLS, 7814K)

Admitted Commissioner Jun17 revised (XLS, 2096K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Jun17 revised (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner Jun17 revised (XLS, 581K)

Admitted Provider Jun17 revised (XLS, 3766K)
NonAdmitted Provider Jun17 revised (XLS, 3784K)
New Periods Provider Jun17 revised (XLS, 973K)

Full CSV data file Jun17 revised (ZIP, 3092K)

May 2017

Incomplete Commissioner May17 revised (XLS, 4307K)
Incomplete Provider May17 revised (XLS, 7872K)

Admitted Commissioner May17 revised (XLS, 2097K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner May17 revised (XLS, 2103K)
New Periods Commissioner May17 revised (XLS, 575K)

Admitted Provider May17 revised (XLS, 3794K)
NonAdmitted Provider May17 revised (XLS, 3812K)
New Periods Provider May17 revised (XLS, 979K)

Full CSV data file May17 revised (ZIP, 3077K)

April 2017

Incomplete Commissioner Apr17 revised (XLS, 4307K)
Incomplete Provider Apr17 revised (XLS, 7814K)

Admitted Commissioner Apr17 revised (XLS, 2096K)
NonAdmitted Commissioner Apr17 revised (XLS, 2102K)
New Periods Commissioner Apr17 revised (XLS, 580K)

Admitted Provider Apr17 revised (XLS, 3765K)
NonAdmitted Provider Apr17 revised (XLS, 3783K)
New Periods Provider Apr17 revised (XLS, 972K)

Full CSV data file Apr17 revised (ZIP, 2963K)