Recovery of Elective Activity Management Information

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A key objective for 2022/23 is to recover elective activity levels to above those seen in the pre-COVID period, to address the growing elective care waiting list.  The NHS England priorities and planning guidance sets out the requirement to recover elective services so that activity levels are at least 110% of baseline on a completed pathway basis over the course of 2022/23.

This section contains key management information related to the recovery of elective activity, including the effect of activity diverted from secondary care by specialist advice.

Completed pathways are the total elective care pathways which are marked as completed in each month.  Recovery percentages are adjusted to account for differences in working days

Referrals for specialist advice and guidance which result in a patient being diverted away from a referral to secondary care are included in the measurement of recovery.  Data presented here are shown with and without the effect of the specialist advice and guidance diversions.  Further details on the specialist advice metrics can be found here.


Elective Recovery MI Data

Elective Recovery MI Jul-23

Elective Recovery MI Jun-23

Elective Recovery MI May-23

Elective Recovery MI Apr-23

Elective Recovery MI Mar-23

Elective Recovery MI Feb-23

Elective Recovery MI Jan-23

Elective Recovery MI Dec-22


Independent Sector Activity MI Data

IS WAR Publication Jul-23

IS WAR Publication Jun-23

IS WAR Publication May-23

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