Maternity and Breastfeeding


This collection reports on the number and proportion of women seen and assessed by a healthcare professional within 12 weeks and 6 days of their maternity, the number and proportion of mothers’ who have initiated or not initiated breastfeeding and the number and proportion of infants who have been fully, partially or not at all breastfed at 6-8 weeks


Breastfeeding and 12 Week Risk Assessment Collection Guidance (DOC, 273KB) (amended on 20/08/2014)

Pre-release Access List

Pre-release Access List (DOC, 20.0KB)

Statistical Commentary

Statistical Commentary Q2 2014/15 (DOC, 20.0KB) (amended on 08/01/2015)
Amendment made to fourth bullet point under 12 week risk assessment.


During Q1 2014/15 maternity providers who had not submitted during 2013/14 were given a final opportunity to do so as a result we have received additional maternity data for 2013/14 and the year-end publication for breastfeeding has been revised accordingly.

Breastfeeding 2013/14 Revised Data V3 (XLS, 1.00MB) (amended on 08/01/2015 & 12/01/2015)
Breastfeeding 2013/14 Revised Data V3 (PDF, 632KB) (amended on 08/01/2015 & 12/01/2015)
08/01/2015: Amendments made to T1_Init_National, T2_Prev_National and T3_DropOff_National due to inclusion of 2013 ONS birth data.  No change to data submitted.
12/01/2015: Amendments made to T14_Prev68CCG_OT columns H, J, L and N which had incorrect cell references and amendments made to T4_TrustBFI_201314 through to T15_Prev68LAD_OT percentages included / excluded according to whether data passed validation.  No change to data submitted.
Breastfeeding 2013/14 Revised Data GP V2 (XLS, 1.73MB)  (amended on 09/10/2014)
Duplicate GP Practices merged.  No change to data submitted.

Breastfeeding 2014/15 Q2 (XLS, 648KB)
Breastfeeding 2014/15 Q2 (PDF, 408KB)

12 Week Risk Assessment 2014/15 Q2 (XLS, 470KB) (amended 08/01/2015)
12 Week Risk Assessment 2014/15 Q2 (PDF, 768KB) (amended on 08/01/2015)
Amendments made to T1_England_Trend for Number of Maternities for Q1 2013/14 and Q2 2013/14 as figures were shown incorrectly and percentages added as number of maternities have passed validation and Summary first paragraph under 12 week risk assessment amended accordingly.

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