VTE Risk Assessment 2013-14

This section of the website provides information on the number and proportion of admitted adult patients in England who have been risk assessed for VTE in 2013-14 (April 2013 to March 2014).

The data collection was first made mandatory from June 2010, and data have been published quarterly from the first full quarters data (July-September 2010).

The data collection asks for three items of information:
1. Number of adults admitted as inpatients in the month who have been risk assessed for VTE on admission to hospital using the criteria in the National VTE Risk Assessment Tool
2. Total number of adult inpatients admitted in the month
3. Calculated from (1) and (2), the percentage of adult hospital admissions, admitted within the month assessed for risk of VTE on admission
Trusts are required to upload their data on VTE risk assessment onto Unify2 and signed off no later than 20 working days after the month end.



2013/14 Data

Quarter 4 2013/14 data (January, February, March; revised 7 November 2014)

VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q4-2013-14-Data-Revisions (XLS, 107KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q4-2013-14-Data-Revisions (CSV, 50KB)

SUPERSEDED (released 4 July 2014)
VTE-Commentary-Q4-2013-14 (PDF,287KB)
VTE-Press-Notice -Q4-2013-14 (PDF,31KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q4-2013-14-Data Revised July 2014 (XLS,102KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q4-2013-14-Data Revised July 2014 (CSV,54KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q3- 2013-14 (PDF,19KB)

February 2014 Data (revised data published with Q4 2013/14)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 2 May 2014)
VTE-Press-Notice- February-2014 (PDF, 29KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-February-Data-2014 (XLS, 81KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-February-Data-2014 (CSV, 29KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-February- 2014 (PDF,19KB)

January 2014 Data (revised data published with Q4 2013/14)

SUPERSEDED (originally revised 2 May 2014)
VTE-Risk-Assessed-Data-January-2014 REVISED (XLS,80KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessed-Data-January-2014 REVISED (CSV,30KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 4 April 2014)
VTE-Press-Notice-January-2014 (PDF,29KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessed-Data-January-2014 (CSV,28KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-January- 2014 (PDF,19KB)

Quarter 3 2013/14 data (October, November, December; revised 7 November 2014)

VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14-Data-Revision (XLS, 108KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14-Data-Revisions (CSV, 51KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally revised 2 May 2014)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14 REVISED (XLS,105KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14 REVISED (CSV,54KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 7 March 2014)
VTE-Commentary-Q3-2013-14 (PDF,282KB)
VTE-Press-Notice-Q3-2013-14 (PDF,31KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14-Data (XLS,102KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q3-2013-14-Data (CSV,45KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q3- 2013-14 (PDF,19KB)

November 2013 Data (revised data published with Q3 2013/14)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 7 February 2014)
VTE-Press-Notice-November-2013 (PDF, 31KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-November-2013-Data (XLS, 79KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-November-2013-Data (CSV, 28KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-November-2013 (PDF, 19KB)

October 2013 Data (revised data published with Q3 2013/14)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 10 January 2014)
VTE-Press-Notice October-2013 (PDF, 29KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-October-2013-Data (XLS, 80KB )
VTE-Risk-Assessment-October-2013-Data (CSV, 30KB )
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-October- 2013 (PDF, 19KB)

Quarter 2 2013/14 data (July, August, September; revised 1 August 2014)

VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED Aug2014 (XLS,105KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED Aug2014 (CSV,54KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally revised 4 July 2014)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED July2014 (XLS,105KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED July2014 (CSV,49KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally revised 2 May 2014)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED (XLS,104KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 REVISED (CSV,54KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 6 December 2013)
VTE-Commentary-Q2-2013-14 (PDF, 158KB)
VTE-Press-Notice-Q2-2013-14 (PDF, 86KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 (XLS,103KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q2-2013-14 (CSV,49KB)
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q2-2013-14 (PDF,19KB)

August 2013 Data (revised data published with Q2 2013-14)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 8 November 2013)
VTE-Press-Notice-August-2013 (PDF, 31KB)
VTE-August-2013-Data (XLS, 79KB )
VTE-August-2013-Data (CSV, 27KB )
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-August-2013 (PDF, 19KB)

July 2013 Data (revised data published with Q2 2013-14)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 4 October 2013)
VTE-Press-Notice-July-2013 (PDF, 31KB)
VTE-July-2013-Data (XLS, 82KB )
VTE-July-2013-Data (CSV, 26KB )
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-July-2013 (PDF, 19KB)

Quarter 1 2013/14 data (April, May, June; revised 6 June 2014)

VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14 REVISED June2014 (XLS, 67KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14 REVISED June2014 (CSV, 56KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally revised 2 May 2014)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14 REVISED (XLS, 66KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14 REVISED (CSV, 56KB)

SUPERSEDED (originally released 6 September 2013)
VTE-Commentary-Q1-2013-14 (PDF, 151KB)
VTE-Press-Notice-Q1-2013-14 (PDF, 29KB)
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14(XLS,103KB )
VTE-Risk-Assessment-Q1-2013-14 (CSV, 54KB )
VTE-Pre-Release-Access-List-Q1-2013-14 (PDF, 19KB)

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