A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions 2016-17


The Monthly A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions collection collects the total number of attendances in the calendar month for all A&E types, including Minor Injury Units and Walk-in Centres, and of these, the number discharged, admitted or transferred within four hours of arrival.

Also included are the number of Emergency Admissions, and any waits of over four hours for admission following decision to admit.

Data are shown at provider organisation level, from NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and Independent Sector Organisations.

Data on A&E attendances and emergency admissions have previously been published weekly from November 2010 to June 2015. The switch to a monthly rather than weekly collection is a response to recommendations from Sir Bruce Keogh’s review of waiting time standards. Further information on the review and next steps can be found under letters here.

The future publication dates for the monthly statistics can be found on our 12 month calendar here.

Further information for this collection, including the guidance document, can be found here.

England Time Series

In addition to the monthly data we have provided quarterly and monthly time series for users that require data over longer periods. It should be noted however that both data sets are derived from the previous, weekly, data.

The quarterly time series consists of 13 week aggregates for the periods from 2011-12 to Quarter 1 of 2015-16. Quarters after Quarter 1 of 2015-16 are based on aggregates of three calendar months.

The Monthly time series is an estimate generated by apportioning the weekly totals based on how many days of the week fell into a particular month. This was produced in order to provide comparisons to months in previous years and should only be considered as an estimate for periods prior to June 2015.

Actual data for the A&E activity prior to June 2015 can be found in the weekly time series here.

Monthly A&E Timeseries February 17 (XLS 107K)
Quarterly time series 2004-05 onwards with Annual (09.02.2017) (XLS 90K)

February 2017

A&E Data

Monthly A&E February 2017 (XLS, 116K)

Monthly Report

Monthly A&E February 2017 (PDF, 2,144K)

CSV Format
A&E Attendances February 2017 (CSV, 21K)
A&E Admissions Fenraury 2017 (CSV, 30K)

January 2017

A&E Data

Monthly A&E January 2017 (XLS, 117K)

Monthly Report

Monthly A&E January 2017 (PDF, 2,179K)

CSV Format
A&E Attendances January 2017 (CSV, 21K)
A&E Admissions January 2017 (CSV, 30K)

December 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E December 2016 (XLS, 117K)

2016-17 Quarter 3 : – 3 Months to December (XLS, 117K)

Monthly Report

Monthly A&E December 2016 (PDF, 716K)

CSV Format
A&E Attendances December 2016 (CSV, 21K)
A&E Admissions December 2016 (CSV, 31K)

November 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E November 2016 Revised 09.02.2017 (XLS, 116K)

October 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E October 2016 Revised 09.02.2017 (XLS, 116K)

September 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E September 2016 Revised 09.02.2017 (XLS, 117K)

2016-17 Quarter 2 : – 3 Months to September Revised 09.02.2017 (XLS, 117K)

August 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E August 2016 Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K

July 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E July 2016 Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K)

June 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E June 2016 Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K)

2016-17 Quarter 1 : – 3 Months to June Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K)

May 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E May 2016 Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K)

April 2016

A&E Data

Monthly A&E April 2016 Revised 10.11.2016 (XLS, 117K)