Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2021-22

This site contains the monthly Ambulance Quality Indicators (AQI) Statistical Notes and spreadsheets. The AQI comprise the Systems Indicators (AmbSYS) and the Clinical Outcomes (AmbCO). Data are split by month and by each of the eleven Ambulance Services in England.

Background information for the statistics below is on the AQI landing page, including:

  • links to pages like this one but for 2011-12 to 2020-21;
  • text files and time series spreadsheets with all data back to April 2011;
  • the specification guidance used by data providers;
  • a Quality Statement, including user engagement and revisions policy;
  • contact details for these statistics.

AQI Statistical Notes
14 April 2022 Statistical Note (pdf, 479KB)
10 March 2022 Statistical Note (pdf, 604KB)
10 February 2022 Statistical Note (pdf, 435KB)
13 January 2022 Statistical Note (pdf, 401KB)
9 December 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 513KB)
11 November 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 289KB)
14 October 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 468KB)
9 September 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 558KB)
12 August 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 369KB)
8 July 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 430KB)
10 June 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 528KB)
13 May 2021 Statistical Note (pdf, 331KB)

Systems Indicators spreadsheets
For revisions that we make after 2020, when we revise AmbSYS or AmbCO, we remove all affected monthly spreadsheets, and put all the revised data into the Time Series and csv on the AQI landing page

Clinical Outcomes spreadsheets
AmbCO data for March 2022 (xlsx, 78KB) (published on 11 August 2022)
AmbCO data for February 2022 (xlsx, 78KB) (published on 14 July 2022)
AmbCO data for January 2022 (xlsx, 78KB) (published on 16 June 2022)
AmbCO data for December 2021 (xlsx, 77KB) (published on 12 May 2022)
AmbCO data for November 2021 (xlsx, 77KB) (published on 14 April 2022)
AmbCO data for October 2021 (xlsx, 77KB) (published on 10 March 2022)

Pre-release Access List
This document lists people who have access to the statistics in the 24 hours before publication:
Pre-release Access List 14 April 2022 (pdf, 63KB)