Ambulance: Management Information

These spreadsheets contain monthly data on hospital handovers from the Daily Ambulance Collection supplied by Ambulance Trusts and split by NHS Trust. Spreadsheets will be published according to the same AmbSYS timetable on the link below. They are classified as management information because the contents have been collected on a daily basis with a tight turn round time. Any analysis of the data should be undertaken with this in mind.

Handovers April 2024 (xlsx, 107KB) (published on 9 May 2024)
Handovers March 2024 (xlsx, 107KB) (published on 11 April 2024)
Handovers February 2024 (xlsx, 104KB) (published on 14 March 2024)
Handovers January 2024 (xlsx, 108KB) (published on 8 February 2024)
Handovers December 2023 (xlsx, 104KB) (published on 11 January 2024)
Handovers November 2023 (xlsx, 103KB) (published on 14 December 2023)
Handovers October 2023 (xlsx, 103KB) (published on 14 December 2023)

For our accredited official statistics on ambulances, see the Ambulance Quality Indicators.