NHS 111 online statistics


NHS 111 online (https://111.nhs.uk/) is a fast and convenient alternative to the 111 phone service for people who want to access 111 digitally.

Data from 111 online were first published as Management Information in July 2023. This means that the publication is not badged as Official Statistics but every effort is still made to adhere to the Code of Practice for Statistics.

This publication is still in development. If you have any feedback please email nhs111online@nhs.net.


Data item specification and glossary – version published 13/06/24 (XLSX, 432KB)

Contains descriptions of each measure, how dispositions are mapped into metric groupings, a glossary of 111 online terminology, a flow diagram of a user’s journey through the website, and a revision log that tracks any changes in the metrics provided.

Data quality statement – version published 13/06/24 (PDF, 167KB)

Contains detail on how data are collected and analysed. Lists any changes to 111 online or data quality issues which resulted in a notable change to a metric.

Data downloads

Time series

111 online metrics – Time series (XLSX, 1.6MB)

Monthly metrics

111 online metrics – June 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – May 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – April 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – March 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – February 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – January 2024 (XLSX, 48KB)
111 online metrics – December 2023 (XLSX, 51KB)
111 online metrics – November 2023 (XLSX, 50KB)
111 online metrics – October 2023 (XLSX, 50KB)
111 online metrics – September 2023 (XLSX, 49KB)
111 online metrics – August 2023 (XLSX, 50KB)
111 online metrics – July 2023 (XLSX, 50KB)
111 online metrics – June 2023 (XLSX, 50KB)

Data flow diagram

Click the image to enlarge, or download as PDF.

Financial year 2023/24

111 online flow diagram 2023-24 (PDF, 227KB)

Financial year 2022/23

111 online flow diagram 2022-23 (PDF, 234KB)

Contact details

For further information about the published statistics, please contact us at:

For press enquiries, please contact the NHS England press office on 0113 825 0958 or nhsengland.media@nhs.net