Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUC ADC) Experimental Statistics 2020-21

This section of the website provides information about Integrated Urgent Care Services in England. The IUC ADC monitors the effectiveness of fully integrated urgent care services through the NHS 111 single entry point and is used to report the IUC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

At the current time, the NHS 111 Minimum Data Set remains the official data source of IUC services while we work on data quality and completeness of the IUC ADC.

Background information for the statistics, including the specification guidance used by data providers and contact details, is on the Integrated Urgent Care including NHS 111 landing page.

Statistical Notes and Data Quality Statements
IUC ADC Statistical Note for August 2020 (PDF, 146KB) (8 October 2020)
IUC ADC Data Quality Statements August 2020 (PDF, 157KB)
IUC ADC Statistical Note for July 2020 (PDF, 157KB) (10 September 2020)
IUC ADC Data Quality Statements July 2020 (PDF, 124KB)
IUC ADC Statistical Note for June 2020 (PDF, 144KB) (13 August 2020)
IUC ADC Data Quality Statements June 2020 (PDF, 138KB)
IUC ADC Statistical Note for May 2020 (PDF, 145KB) (9 July 2020)
IUC ADC Data Quality Statements May 2020 (PDF, 159KB)
IUC ADC Statistical Note for April 2020 (PDF, 162KB) (11 June 2020)
IUC ADC Data Quality Statements April 2020 (PDF, 180KB)

Excel Data
IUC ADC Data Time Series to August 2020 (XLSX, 6,053KB)
IUC ADC KPI Time Series to August 2020 (XLSX, 5,723KB)

CSV Data
IUC ADC to August 2020 (CSV, 362KB)

Data Quality
Data for the IUC ADC are provided by lead data providers for each integrated urgent care service in England. It is the responsibility of commissioners of an IUC service to identify lead data providers and ensure that data are supplied each month. While lead data providers are responsible for collating and coordinating information for IUC ADC, they are not necessarily contracted to deliver all NHS 111 and out of hours services in the contract area. Integrated Urgent Care is provided by a variety of organisations, including ambulance services, private companies, not for profit organisations and NHS Trusts. The quality of data in this report is therefore dependent upon all parts of the IUC service supplying data to the relevant lead data provider.

Revisions will be published periodically (usually every six months) in line with NHS England Analytical Service team’s revisions policy.

Experimental Statistics
These statistics are classified as experimental and should be used with caution. Experimental statistics are newly developed or innovative statistics. These are published so that users and stakeholders can be involved in the assessment of their suitability and quality at an early stage. More information about experimental statistics can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website.