Integrated Urgent Care (including NHS 111)

Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) describes a range of services including NHS 111 and Out of Hours services, which aim to ensure a seamless patient experience with minimum handoffs and access to a clinician where required.

NHS 111 Data
Latest Statistical Notes, spreadsheets and text files, updated monthly:
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set 2019-20
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set 2018-19
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set 2017-18
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set 2016-17
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set 2015-16

Statistical Notes, spreadsheets and text files from February 2012 to March 2015:
NHS 111 Minimum Data Set Post List

Data from April 2011 to January 2012 (archive):
NHS 111 minimum data set published up to January 2012

Specification guidance for those who supply NHS 111 data

Weekly NHS 111 collection specification (PDF, 129KB)
Lookup from NHS Pathways Dx codes to dispositions and urgent categorisation:
Dx code V16.0.1 mapping to 111-IUC data items (XLSX, 25KB)
NHS111 Patient Survey experience survey specification:
20180717 NHS111PS experience survey specification (PDF, 287KB)

Data collection and publication dates (updated 2 August 2018):
NHS 111 MDS Publication Timetable (PDF, 9KB)

Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUC ADC)

Data providers can find a glossary, description of data items and additional documents on the upcoming Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUC ADC) home page.
IUC ADC home page

Contact Details

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The individual responsible for these data is:
Ian Kay
NHS England, Performance Analysis Team
Room 5E24, Quarry House, Leeds LS2 7UE
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