Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUC ADC)

The Aggregate Data Collection (ADC) will be the primary method of collecting data on the IUC Service. This data will be used to produce the IUC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are published separately.

These draft documents describe the data that lead commissioners should ensure are provided for their Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) service.  Please note these are subject to change and will be updated when finalised.

Specification guidance for those who supply the data (Updated 23 April 2019)

IUC ADC Specification v1.4 (PDF, 256KB)
IUC ADC Glossary v1.2 (XLS, 16KB)
NHS England IUC Key Performance Indicators (PDF, 637KB)
NHS 111 Call Plan v1.0 (PPTX, 1,619KB)
IUC ADC Dx Code Mapping v15 (XLS, 22KB)
IUC ADC Change Log v1.4 (XLS, 23KB)
KPI Change Log for IUC ADC Specification v1.2 (XLS, 14KB)
IUC KPI FAQs v1.6 (XLS, 20KB) 
NHS England letter to Commissioners Providers re KPI Adherence 2019 (PDF, 181KB)
NHS England letter to Commissioners re IUC KPIs Approved (PDF, 209KB)