Ambulance Quality Indicators

This publication covers the Ambulance Systems Indicators (AmbSYS) and Ambulance Clinical Outcomes (AmbCO) which measure ambulance service quality in England.

Find below guidance on these measures, publication timetables and contact details.

Data for this collection is split by Ambulance Trust and is available back to April 2011.

Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2013-14
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2012-13
Ambulance Quality Indicators Data 2011-12

Download Ambulance Systems Indicators Timeseries to February 2014 (XLS, 589KB)
Download Ambulance Clinical Outcomes Timeseries to November 2013 (XLS, 449KB)

Before the Ambulance Quality Indicators were introduced in April 2011, Ambulance Weekly Sitreps were collected. Data downloads for this collection are available here.

Download AQI Guidance V1.31 (DOC, 978KB)

Publication Timetables
Download 2012-13 Ambulance Quality Indicators Publication Timetable (DOC, 40KB)
Download 2013-14 Ambulance Quality Indicators Publication Timetable (DOC, 42KB)
Download 2014-15 Ambulance Quality Indicators Publication Timetable (DOC, 37KB)

Other Relevant Statistics
Scottish ambulance: Information on the Scottish Ambulance Service

Stats Wales: Information on the Welsh Ambulance Service

Northern Ireland:

Contact Details
For further information about the published statistics, please contact us at:

Analytical Service (Operations)
NHS England
Room 8E10
Quarry House
Leeds LS2 7UE
Great Britain

Phone: 0113 825 0724

Statistician: Stuart Knight